It is a small town of medieval origin that extends along the valley and the river banks Chiascio. Pilgrimage and nature tours is the Franciscan Path of Peace of Assisi-Gubbio, route from San Francisco after the famous dispossession affected by, garments and money in the square of Assisi.

The village is located on the inside of the medieval castle which houses beautiful thirteenth-century walls and an imposing Tower, also has a paved road that enables applying accessibility for the disabled. The origins of the castle are closely associated with the events of S. Maria in “Vado fabricae”, Benedictine abbey documented by far 820, founded by the Benedictines along the banks of the river Chiascio where the ford connected Assisi and Gubbio. The ancient abbey was powerful enough to compete with the largest neighboring landowners. During the Middle Ages the area was long disputed between the nearby cities of Perugia, Assisi and Gubbio.
In the sixteenth century it was definitely in the domains of the Church, under whose rule, parentesi except napoleonica, remained until the establishment of the Kingdom of Italy.
Parking: the disabled can, showing the label, park your car in the Town Hall Square `, or in Piazza San Sebastian. At a party city or other occasions where it is difficult to find a parking space you can contact the control of traffic police will be happy to find an appropriate solution.
Public Restrooms: undetected for disabled persons, However, the Town Hall Square `s restaurant with two bathrooms suitable for very large.
Paving: The town runs along the main road on a gentle slope. Overall, the downtown streets are paved, while in the lower part of the country, near the fountain, the surface is cobbled, so less easy. In the area of ​​the park sidewalks are inaccessible because of the enormous difference in height from the road surface. As regards the park and all the events that take place, it detects the presence of high steps and awkward paved paths, with interstices between a plate and the other one to a few cm, both in width and in depth, that prevent the `easy to get any kind of wheelchair, strollers etc..
Tourist Desk: l `CVB is located on the inside of the City. Open Monday to Friday (8-14), Tuesday (15-18) and Saturday (9-12). Such. 075.902981
Signage for the blind: not present.

City of Valfabbrica Sede Via Mameli, 14 – 06029 – Valfabbrica – PG – Switchboard 075.902981 – Fax 075.9029838

Tourist Information Office of the district Gubbio-Alto Chiasco
Via the Republic, 15 – 06024 Gubbio
Such. 0759220693 – Fax 0759273409
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