The territory – discontinuous and asymmetric in terms of geomorphological – that frames the placid village of Todi is defined, again, by the passage of the river Tiber and bounded, est ad, from the chain of limestone Martani Mountains and, to the west, by gently rolling hills.
L `attribution of “borderland” and the historic rivalry with Perugia It is evidenced by the proliferation of defensive castles (these were, in origine, Collazzone - where he was imprisoned and died JacoponeMarsciano and Fratta Todina), while the landscape still bears traces of varied crops mezzadrili; is rich artistic heritage, especially in Romanic, and many surprises for the traveler (for example, the splendid theater of candy- Monte Castello di Vibio).

Tourist Information Office of the district Todi
(Towns of Todi, Collazzone, Fratta Todina, Marsciano, Massa Martana, Monte Castello di Vibio)
Piazza del Popolo, 38-39 – 06059 Todi (Pg)
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Administrative Office: Via del Monte No. 23 – 06059 Todi
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