Marsciano (17793 from, 184 m) It is surrounded by a landscape of bucolic and pristine beauty. His findings are sweet, its valleys are often crossed by placid water courses, the waters of the springs have therapeutic properties, the vegetation is dense and varied, the wildlife species are numerous and the valley was distinguished in the past for the presence of charcoal burning and the massive production of lime.

Marsciano makes its first appearance in the 1004, when the name appears for the first time in a private agreement. I Bulgarelli, noble family of Lombard, there reigned as “Counts of Marsciano” from the twelfth century until 1281, year in which the property was bought in Perugia. The city became a military stronghold of Perugia and went later to become part of the Papal States; followed a brief period of French occupation el`annessione the Kingdom of Italy.
`Ancient castle remain today only the ramparts and the historic center is little extended.
To see the Museum of Brick and Terracotta, museum connected to the antennas of Spina and Compignano, that preserves a valuable fresco attributed to Pinturicchio (“Enthroned Madonna and Child with Angels and Saints Sylvester and Rocco“). The museum is open all year is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, for info: 075.8741152 –
Nearby Marsciano are reported three beautiful medieval castles of different dating: the Castle Montelagello (for info: 075.8783272), the Castle Sant`Apollinare, of clear Byzantine influences (for guided tours is necessary to agree with the owners: tel e fax 075.8738156 – and Castle Montevibiano, which is a private residence is not open to the public.
Castello di Spina It is the most interesting fortified land Marscianese and preserves, today again, its medieval structure, with a solid set of walls and a building with four rectangular towers.
Certainly deserve a visit the medieval village of Compignano, the Source of San Costanzo in the hamlet of Castello delle Forme, the Church of St. Paul and Sant`Ubaldo a Monticelli, containing frescoes by Meo da Siena (to visit: Sig. Mario Chiattelli 075.8787800), the Parish Church of Cerqueto, with the precious fresco “San Sebastiano, San Rocco and San Pietro” Perugino (for info: 075.8784720), the Castle Migliano, superb medieval gem overlooking the wonderful Valle del Fersinone, Castiglione della Valle, Mercatello, Pieve Caina and Olmeto.
At present there are no data yet received sull`accessibilità sites of historic, artistic and naturalistic; it is therefore advisable to request information in contacts provided.
Comune di Marsciano Largo Garibaldi 1, 06055 Marsciano (PG) – Tel.: 075 8747.1, Fax 075 8747288

Tourist Information Office of the district Tuderte
Piazza del Popolo, 38-39 – 06059 Todi (Pg)
Such. 0758956227 – 0758942526 – 0758945416

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