The territory of Orvieto, while presenting physical characteristics and human unquestionably that relate it to the landscape and the history of Umbria, also retains strong links with the northern Lazio and southern Tuscany, with which adjoins. L `Orvieto was once much more extensive, especially in medieval era, when the powerful city-state of Urbsvetus stretched from the Tiber River to the Tyrrhenian Sea. The landscape is varied and unpredictable and consists of rolling hills and vast plains, argillaceous rocks and offshoots of the Apennines.
A nearly uncontaminated nature, where the skilful hand of man has not altered the densely wooded, but focused on crops that have made these campaigns rightly famous, first of all that of the vine.
L `area more close to the city of Orvieto is full of interesting archaeological and natural, while the presence of many churches, abbeys and towers, testifies to the early and intense urbanization of the countryside


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