Fabro (2915 from, 364 m) is a typical fortified village, of medieval origin, built around the Castle that, founded around the year one thousand, underwent significant restoration and modification (Fifteenth and sixteenth century), anche con la collaborazione di Antonio da Sangallo il Giovane. The complex, now private property, shows a structure still largely integrated with powerful and compact walls and large cylindrical tower; unfortunately, because of the passage of Napoleon's troops in 1810, historical records no longer exist.

To see the Parish of St. Martin and , around, the Castle Carnaiola.
The territory, immersed in a relaxing green, is of great interest.
City of Fabro (TR) – Piazza Carlo Alberto, 15 – CAP 05015 – such. 0763 831020 – fax 0763 831120
Image source: http://www.conoscerelumbria.regioneumbria.eu/

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