The Fortinbras Fortress emerges majestically medieval remembering the historic importance of the tourist place; vision stands the mighty tower of a medieval fortress, the imposing square tower taller than 30 meters and three other towers crenellated lowest. In the secret stronghold, in 1394, arm there was jailed by Fortinbras Ram, but, released after payment of ransom, they conquered and resided there until his death in 1424. The building are accessible entrance and underground. Bathroom ok. On the ground floor.
Museum of Santa Croce located in Piazza San Francesco, is kept inside the famous table of Luca Signorelli "Deposition from the Cross”, dated 1516. The museum is accessible to handicapped access ramp to. For timetable information for opening:
Church of St. Francis, newly renovated and fully accessible through the entrance ramp. It stands in the square of the same name and is the oldest church still exists in Umbertide.
Collegiate church, Church S. Maria della Reggia, is located in front of the Rocca, seventeenth-century octagonal. The church is wheelchair accessible as there is a ramp to overcome the step input.
Nearby is the 'Abbey of San Salvatore in Montecorona, visited the crypt of the church is Romanesque, side entrance to the street plan.
Source of pictures: Photo M. Tortoioli


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