The quaint medieval center of Umbertide (247 m, 16.155 from), located on the confluence of the stream Royal palace with the Tiber, is part of a gently hilly landscapes. `The origin of the town is remote and uncertain; some scholars believe was founded by the Etruscans, Altrei by the people of the Umbrians. A vulgate tradition was founded Umbertide, as the “Pitulum” or “Oppidum Saepis“, Roman soldiers of the legions of the Consul Flaminius, escaped the disastrous battle of Trasimeno in 217 a.C.

Its position, at the center of an ideal crossroads between Arezzo, Town of Castle, Perugia and Gubbio, was particularly propitious for communications and trade.
The bombing of the 1944 Shook the `original layout of the historic center, that radiated around the Rock, and also the ancient city walls it was hopelessly compromised.
Parking: parking spaces reserved for the disabled in Piazza del Lavoro of the Fallen, under the Rock Fortinbras. The city has the service ZTL (restricted traffic zone) and you should call the traffic police to be issued with temporary permission.
Public Restrooms: not present, However, there are two bars in the center with toilets under.
Paving: The center is wheelchair accessible, also independently. The roads tend to be flat, with full quite easy. It is recommended that the presence of the `companion for the occasional presence of architectural barriers.
Tourist Desk: is located in Via Food and has a step at the entrance. Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 all 13, Tuesday and Thursday from 15 all 18. Such. 075.9417099.
Signage for the blind: not present.
City of Umbertide Piazza Matteotti 1 – 06019 (Pg) such. 075 94191
Ufficio Cultura Piazza Matteotti 1 06019 Umbertide

Violin Gabriele Manager 0759419239

email: g.violini @

Tourist Information Office of the district Upper Tiber Valley
Branch office in Umberleigh
Such. e Fax 0759417099
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