Located on the hill of Sant `Elia at the foot of Monteluco, on the banks of the river Tessino, the lower edge of the Valle Umbra, Spoleto is an ancient settlement since prehistoric times, they have been found of the ancient Umbrians attendance. Herman Hesse in the same visit to Umbria, seeing as in a dream the medieval village that appears enchanted and wrapped in a thin veil of surreal, wrote to his wife that the city “the discovery is more beautiful than I did in Italy”.

Tourism, handicraft, Industry and agriculture, joined in recent years from the trade and service sector are the solid foundations on which it rests today `s economy in Spoleto. The item most representative of the district Spoleto is that of tourism is certainly an; the reasons that led to the success of this city dominated by the majestic Rocca Albornoz are due to the great historical heritage, artistic, cultural and natural, which offers daily care and sensitive eyes of the visitor.
The information is taken from “Map of the Area” the city, and rail “Route number one: Spoleto to discover”, available free of charge from the IAT of the City.
Parking: two cars reported to the short sides of Freedom Square and just ahead on the left, a parking space in Via Brignone reported at the corner of Via Trattoria. Another area is marked in front of Palazzo Campello. In Collicola Square is a parking space marked, right next to the fountain. In Market Square you can park in marked parking space. Adjacent to the Arch of Drusus `there are two other places listed. In Fountain Square, there are two parking spaces located in front of the Church of Sant `Ansano. To get to the Square Cathedral you can park in the parking spaces located in Via reported Filitteria, Via and Piazza Mentana W.Tobagi; reserved parking spaces at the bottom of Spoleto is located opposite the Hospital, two spaces along the porch leading to the Church of Our Lady of Loreto and two reserved seats in front of the entrance of the Church of San Gregorio Maggiore.
Public toilets: Matteo Viale Gattaponi, where to begin around the Rocca Albornoz, are, Destra, an accessible toilet facilities and, hosting a panel on the wall map of the routes “Easy Route” the city; within the Civic Gallery of Modern Art, Palace in the square with Collicola, There is a toilet in accordance.
Paving: The center has provided sidewalks slides, the tour around the fortress Albornoz is paved and flat; under the Arch of Drusus, the oldest of Spoleto, the line is disconnected and cobblestones, lacks sidewalks on either side; the last section, leading to the Cathedral, is uphill and requires accompanying.
Tour desk: is located in Liberty Square and has a low step at the. Time: winter, Monday to Saturday, 9-13/15.30-18.30, Sunday 9-13; summer, Monday to Saturday, 9-13/16-19, Sunday 9-13.

City of Spoleto The Town Square, 1 – 06049 Spoleto PG – Such 0743 2181

IAT – Information and Tourist
Freedom Square, 7
06049 Spoleto (PG)

Such: 0743 218620-21
Fax: 0743 218641
E-mail: info@iat.spoleto.pg.it

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8.30-13.30 / 14.00-19.00
Saturday: 9.00-13.00 / 15.00-19.00
Sunday: 10.00-13.00 / 16.00-19.00

Source of pictures: Photo www.regioneumbria.it M. Tortoioli
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