An environment of great beauty and significant natural value, combined with a significant social and economic fabric are the added value of the small town of Preci (596 m, 799 from).

The settlement was made, in origine, from a small settlement near a Benedictine oratory: hence, probably, the derivation of the name of “goods”, “prayer”. The country offers visitors an extraordinary wealth of history, traditions, nature and landscapes and a really terrific food.
It can be reached easily by car, but the tourist with wheelchair needs nied, because in some places the slope exceeds 8% of the town.
The center is very collected and crossed by a network of winding streets that climb up and stored in the main piazza; For this reason we recommend the companion.
The Town Hall is accessible, passing through a lift from the bottom, and has an accessible toilet.
The Church of St. Catherine hosts the Museum of Surgical Instruments and is fully accessible, with ramps, elevator and the bathrooms near the outside parking, also accessible. The Preci surgical school was of great importance and numerous followers became eminent physicians at major European courts.
The Church of Santa Maria, built in the thirteenth century by the monks of Sant'Eutizio, is accessible with a guide for those in wheelchairs, given the presence of a small step from having to overcome.
L’Abbey Sant'Eutizio is of ancient origin, and for several centuries was the inspirational center of all activities of the Valley.;is now a tourist accommodation available, that can accommodate up to 3/4 people with disabilities. The church and the green surroundings are accessible; inside the building there is a step of about 5 cm to overcome, Therefore it is recommended that the accompanying. Religious services are held, in summer, Sunday at 18, in winter, all 16; The facility also hosts school groups.
Nearby are the famous Plans Castelluccio, forming a plateau karst 1500 meters s.l.m., at the foot of Mount Carrier (2500 meters s.l.m.). At the top of the hill lies the village of Castelluccio, the highest of the Umbrian-Marches. Plans can be seen from Castelluccio, in June, the natural spectacle offered by the “flowering” of many plant species and especially enjoy the famous lentils of Castelluccio. In the plain there are several roads and paths that allow walks, preferably with a guide.
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