Costacciaro (m 567, from 1323) is the entrance gate to Park of Monte Cucco. Roman origins of alleged, the premium news historically significant and scientifically documented date back to the thirteenth century, As the old Castle, close to the Monte Cucco along the Via Flaminia, was purchased by the City of Gubbio, which remained attached to the end of Duchy of Urbino and the Montefeltro and the annexation State of the Church (Seventeenth century), to enter, after, became part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1860.

The urban plan, regular and orthogonal, recalls the primitive defensive origins. Of particular interest is the Church of St. Francis.

The village is accessible with assistance.

Parking: There are two parking spaces reserved for disabled, an ATM near the beginning of Corso Mazzini Tourist, the second near the Natural History Museum at the Via Fauns.

Public Restrooms: toilets suitable for disabled persons are housed in the former Church of San Marco in central Corso Mazzini, conference hall and the Museum-Workshop of the Park of Monte Cucco. Such. 075.917271

Paving: easy, However, we recommend the tour for some downhill.

Tourist Desk: is located opposite the war memorial at the entrance of Corso Mazzini 22. Open Monday to Saturday from 8 all 12.30 and from 16 all 18. Such. 075.917271

Signage for the blind: not present.

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