Church of St. Francis: you arrive by car and is accessed through the side entrances, accessible with a guide. In its three naves in Baroque style following an expansion of the seventeenth century, we can admire the altars placed in the aisles with paintings by painters depicting moments of school Eugubina the Passion of Jesus, as well as images of the Virgin Mary and various saints. On the left pillar of the arch of triumph, you can admire a fresco depicting the martyrdom of St. Sebastian, fifteenth century, probably dating. Following recent renovations have brought to light fragments of frescoes of the early church, among which it has an interesting piece in which you see the figure of a Cistercian monaco, which includes the image of Jesus and that is probably to be considered part of the wall of the chapel who collected the mortal remains of Blessed Thomas the patron saint of the country, chapel which was demolished in the expansion of the church mentioned above, resulting in displacement of the body of the patron being now placed in an urn under the altar the golden.
The Tower Rivellino can be visited thanks to the dedicated access ramps for the disabled provided, the structure was used in 1100 sightings of enemy troops.
Ex - Church of St. Mark Corso Mazzini in the central seat of the conference room and Museum - Park's laboratory Monte Cucco: accessible to disabled people thanks to the presence of ramps and lifts. Toilet facilities at the 'internal. It offers an interesting collection of materials and images relating to the natural environment, geological and ecological area of ​​the Park, with particular reference to the Monte Cucco. As part of the museum is very interesting collection of fossils, for the most part provided by the master Luigi Galli, originario di Costacciaro e precursore delle varie attività naturalistiche in seguito sviluppate nel territorio. Also shown is a documentary on the evolution of the Monte Cucco Park. It is advisable to book a visit to the museum by calling the City to the number 075.917271.
Inside the 'Old Mill, che si trova in una traversa di fronte al Cathedral, have set up the Oil Museum and exhibitions by artist and craftsmen. Accessible with a guide as there is a step. They have already had experience with disabled people.
Immagini gentilmente Offers of and
Tourist Desk: is located opposite the war memorial at the entrance of Corso Mazzini 22. Open Monday to Saturday from 8 all 12.30 and from 16 all 18. Such. 075.917271


Data on the accessibility of sites and cultural heritage of historic and artistic interest are listed in the description of the same. Data on the accessibility of sites and cultural heritage of historic and artistic interest are listed in the description of the same.



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