The church stands on a square that refer to it as the ancient seat of the temple of the Bona Mater. Its foundation dates back to the eighth century but the church underwent a renovation in the first 1036 at the behest of Bishop Hugh and little more than a century after it was started the reconstruction, su disegno di Giovanni da Gubbio; the altar was consecrated by Pope Gregory IX ,in 1228, the church by Pope Innocent IV, in 1253.

The facade is divided into three horizontal zones: the lower, divided into squares, There are three portals, flanked by lions and griffins, of which is richly carved central; a band, with figures of animals and heads of men, divides the lower part of the median, where roses bloom three wonderful, while the upper zone is triangular pediment, streamlined by a Gothic arch agile. The Romanesque bell tower is majestic and elegant at the same time.

The interior is divided into three naves and was completely renovated in 1571 dall`architetto Perugia Galeazzo Alessi. At the beginning of the right aisle is the `c` ancient font, who were baptized in St. Francis and St. Clare, then the Chapel of the Sacrament, the most complete and documented event Baroque painting to Assisi, with frescoes by Giacomo Giorgetti (1663) and, `in the apse, a wonderful carved wooden choir by Giovanni da San Severino of Piergiacomo.

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Diocesan Museum and Crypt of St Rufino
Palace of the Canons
Piazza San Rufino, 3
06081 ASSISI (PG)

Telephone and fax: 075 / 812.712





You can park, for those arriving by car, in the parking reserved for disabled 50 meters from the Cathedral. The facade has 3 inputs, found that the structure is located to the right, has raised a step with 5 cm, kick 43 cm and lift inner step 5 cm. The entrance has 2 door, one that has access to the aisles with a lift net light cm 85. The Cathedral is formed by the nave and the side and from the Chapel of the Sacrament, These are open and do not present difficulties for people in wheelchairs, and the Chapel of Our Lady of Tears, and the wooden Choir have to access it with a step up 17 cm. The toilet reserved for the disabled is located next to the Chapel of the Sacrament, to use the key you have to ask the pastor.



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