The refined inlay landscape on which stands the capital of the region is largely the result of the passage of the river Tiber. Is it here, in Middle Tiber Valley, that the main course of the water central Italy buys majesty and grandeur. The data that immediately leaps to the eye is, again, the character of the region heteroclite, both in their geomorphological processes of human settlement of the landscape; the river is, in fact, a kind of ideal line of demarcation between the two ancient Etruscan civilization, allocated in the West and Umbra, to the East. L `natural area of ​​interest is gravitating around Monte Tezio (m. 961), on the border between Perugia and Corciano, marked by the beautiful colors of forest cover (roverelle, oaks, elms, hornbeam and manna ash) and a good variety of wildlife (raptors, particularly). Perugia dominates the landscape from its hill shaded and romantic, who gave us suggestions and unique sensations, in cui le meraviglie spaziano dalla poderosa cinta muraria di Corciano fino ai superbi vigneti di Torgiano e ai colori forti e caldi delle ceramiche di Deruta.

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