Allerona (472m, 1866 from) is a quaint town surrounded by woods, that preserves the structure of the old medieval castle from which originated the residential area. The castle was an important bulwark of Orvieto, undertaken to curb the expansionist ambitions of Chiusi.
Along the stretch of road that connects Allerona Orvieto you can admire the ruins of Ponte Giulio, rebuilt by Pope Julius II in place of an earlier medieval bridge.
Every third Sunday of May is celebrated the ancient festival of “Pugnaloni”, dedicated to St. Isidore; it is a parade of floats inspired by the activities of rural life, of which “pugnaloni”, prods used to urge the oxen and plow the fields, constitute a fundamental tool. The most beautiful car receives a prize at the end of the event.

There have so far reached about accessibility for disabled people to this town the place is still suitable for tourism for all.

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