District of Tifernate

The Tifernate District of the Upper Tiber Valley is located north of the border with Umbria and Tuscany and Marche. The Monte Acuto (900 m) with its holm oak marks the transition from the Upper Tiber Valley to the area of ​​Perugino. Historically “borderland” the Upper Valley of the Tiber was in medieval theater vicissitudes of struggles, alliances and submissions, always contested between the political interests of Arezzo, Perugia and Montefeltro, but also, precisely for this, dìincontro point open to multiple cultural influences and artistic contributions renaissance, among which are mentioned Raphael, Vasari and Pintoricchio. The Valley Tifernate, fertile and rich in water, Agriculture dominates the landscape mainly used for growing tobacco since 1575. The countryside is varied and diverse, marked by the passage of the swollen Tiber river that crosses the valley offers two different slopes: down towards the left bank of the river Perugia – ground of the ancient Umbrians – houses on hill slopes and vine crops such as, to a lesser extent, `the olive; the right side of the river – once inhabited by the Etruscans – is dominated by a forest cover that comes down almost to the edge of the valley, while in the inner mountain, to Tuscany, ilpaesaggio is transformed into extensive chestnut, significant voice in the past the local economy; Tifernate Valley is also an important industrial center that boasts an ancient tradition of craftsmanship in the printing industry and in particular in the production of furniture and fabrics.
Receptivity of the district of Upper Tiber Valley (updated data to 01/07/2009):
Total accommodation: 364
Total sleeping: 6198
Total rooms: 2286
Total accessible facilities: 74

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