St. Justin (m 336, from 11400) is a lively center and industrial production is shown in its placeUpper Tiber Valley and tied hand in glove to contiguous Tuscan town of Sansepolcro.

Its flower is the splendid all`occhiello Castello Bufalini, built between 1480 and 1492 and used as a military fortress, with corner towers connected together by walkways crenellated, drawbridge and a deep moat. In the sixteenth century the Marquis buffalo turned it into a luxury villa, by raising the left tower and connecting it to the main tower with a fine medieval loggia; was added, also, a sequence of windows with architraves and a majestic staircase. The splendid castle houses inside works by Ghirlandaio, of Perugino and Della Robbia. The garden has maintained the magnificent splendor of its Renaissance origin. Of great interest is the Archpriest Church of San Giustino and central Church of the Holy Cross.
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