Important Umbrian town situated between Mount Subasio and Mount Pennino, is at the center of its territory on a spur of rock (m. 548) which testifies to the strategic defensive role of the fertile valleys and Roman roads. The etymology “Nocera” derived from the Latin “Nuceria” and by pre-Latin “Nukria”, which is the contraction of two words Italic “no”(new) and “kria” (city ​​/ fortress), for which Nocera means “new city”. The numerous fortresses, castles and forts, the many mineral water springs with healing properties, the natural environment still intact and the precious historical and artistic heritage visible at every glance Nocera make a “city ​​museum” and a tourist center to be discovered. Nocera Umbra has a strong connection with the cult of the Franciscan; St. Francis founded in fact the convents of Colle San Pietro and Romita (not accessible). At the Holy Romita spent his last summer, before being escorted to his hometown by a delegation of knights from Assisi. Today this event is recalled in the event the “Ride Satriano”.


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