After visiting the mystical land of Assisi we immerse ourselves in the beautiful Valle Umbra. The territory is mostly mountainous, concerned for the most part by offshoots EntriesUmbrian Apennines was succeeded by a system of low hills covered with olive groves and vineyards with many small towns and large, towers and castles. Only a small band is occupied by the valleys, and, among these, the Valle Umbra is the largest of all flat region. It extends from the plain of Foligno to Spoleto for a radius of 10 km. It is washed by the Chiascio, in part from Mouse and other watercourses of the first tax. Noteworthy is the number of sources, especially from a highland area of Colfiorito and Mount Subasio. The area around Nocera is rich in mineral springs. In the summer walking in this valley offers intense aromas, herbs from the gorse in bloom, and fills the eyes of green, with its rolling hills dotted with a myriad of olive groves. In autumn is an ideal romantic walks through the streets of Sagrantino to admire the beautiful orange, yellow, red colored leaves of the vines. Enthusiasm and contemplation are the synonyms of this Valley, faces everywhere you look the scenery gives sighs of well-being, donated by the tranquility of the city is not subject to the stress of the big city, and because of its scenery and medieval towns where they still remain at a symposium lush nature, typical and genuine products, art, history and mysticism. The Umbrian Valley is synonymous not only with nature and culture, but also of hospitality and welcome, `a combination of ingredients that are revealed amiably to those who wish to savor the precious moments, pampered in this sweet and verdant atmosphere.

Accomodations area of ​​Foligno (data updated to 31/05/2009)

Total accommodation: 411

Total sleeping: 7606

Total rooms: 3155

Total accessible facilities: 157

Tourist Information Office of Foligno-Nocera Umbra
(Common Foligno, Bevagna, Gualdo Cattaneo, Montefalco, Nocera Umbra, Sellano, Spello, Trevi, Valtopina)
Corso Cavour, 126 – 06034 Foligno
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