First Itinerary: the left side of the box the car park is the spacious elevator that goes to town on two occasions. At the exit of the first elevator on the left goes to the center following the directions on the floor: you will notice another elevator up and then exit the presence of blue and white tiles, symbolizing the Black River. The stretch between the two elevators is gently sloping. To go outdoors must overcome a small step. Once outside, you can continue, with the aid of the yellow signs on the floor and the dashed path, in the direction Piazza Garibaldi to Piazza dei Priori along a stretch of ramps in accordance with. Ahead on the left is the beautiful Arco Romano reachable only along a very steep stretch and uneven cobblestones. Instead of continuing straight Belvedere Lane you reach the sidewalk at the corner of Piazza Cavour and Via Garibaldi porch with a view of the valuable Cathedral St. Juvenal. At that point you can cross the sidewalk through a chute and climb later on a small ramp. Here is the main entrance of the Cattedrale with a step and then a large step at the entrance, However the interior is accessible except Crypt and Choir. Exit in Piazza Garibaldi are on the right Bishop's Palace the PEroli evil wings currently houses the Municipal Art Gallery. Once you start right out by Piazza Cavour in Via Garibaldii, sidewalk with a slight slope, streets where they meet very beautiful, as on the left because of the Campanile, evocative medieval and where you notice the imposing steeple of Cathedral, built on the remains of Roman walls.
Second Itinerary: from the parking lot near the Town Hall you can get to Palazzo dei Priori with the ancient fountain of polygonal 1303 with cup bronze also fourteenth. Of note Piazza Garibaldi, his Via Flaminia in ancient times Piazza del Lago, with a central fountain medieval always another cup with the fourteenth-century bronze, on the south side of the square a beautiful Tower medieval and on the opposite side of the left side Cathedral of St. Juvenal with the Romanesque portal. Crossing the square you can see from the bottom to the top of the road 'Arco Romano, one of the entrances of ancient Via Flaminia the city, that this side has, however, a small rise.
To reach the Rocca Albornoz you have to start the car and Piazza Garibaldi continue for Via Vittorio Emanuele and overcome the Roman Gate, to find a belvedere with a magnificent view over the valley Black below. Then you climb, Always drive, for via Feronia follow the signs for Rock where we also encounter the old FOnte of Feronia dedicated eponymous deity (non-potable water), to get to the parking lot of Rocca Albornoz. From here the path is sloped toward the entrance to the road plan.
The routes are taken from the guide “Umbria to discover” the series The guides for all of Coloplast.
Source of pictures: Photo:M. Tortoioli


The data on the accessibility of various sites are presented in detail in the description of the path.



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