Fratta Todina, on the right side of the river Tiber, spread over a hill 215 m. s.l.m., account 1897 from. and is one of the smallest municipalities in the region. He maintained, over the centuries, the classic structure of a medieval castle, with a main road on which the buildings were built. Thanks to the mild climate and the health of air was once home of the famous “October festival“, autumn holiday periods for bishops, cardinals and nobles; in fact is indicated in 1290 come “Villa” the “Episcopalian fractalpi”, cioè zona di possedimenti del Vescovado e di villeggiatura dello stesso Vescovo.

He was repeatedly attacked by Orvieto and Perugia: the latter, particularly, the battle of Montemolino of 1310, they destroyed the bridge. In 1416 Braccio Fortebraccio da Ram fortified the castle, in the sixteenth century Bishop Angelo Cesi There he built a splendid villa (embellished by later Cardinal Altieri) and finally, in 1860, The town became a municipality under the title of Fratta Todina.
To see the monumental Palazzo Altieri, that the architect Ludwig Gattelli embellished the spectacular play of water; The courtyard is decorated with stars and string courses on bees, Indoors and all you can see a series of frescoes of the Roman school of the seventeenth century. The property is now of the Sisters of Love and Mercy visit is granted, upon request, by the nuns themselves.
The Parish San Savino and St. Michael the Archangel it houses a valuable “Deposition“, operates the 1612 Andrea Polinori (for visits, contact the pastor: 075.8745363).

Near one of the oldest Franciscan convents, Santa Maria della Spineta, with a breathtaking panoramic view of the whole Middle Tiber Valley, with a beautiful cloister dating back to 1394 (to visit the church and cloister to book 075.8745032), the `old complex of housing San Cassiano and the remains of the castle Montione.

Comune di Fratta Todina – Via Roma, 1 06054 – Fratta Todina (PG) Such: 075 8745304 – Fax: 075 8745356

Tourist Information Office of the district Tuderte
Piazza del Popolo, 38-39 – 06059 Todi (Pg)
Such. 0758956227 – 0758942526 – 0758945416

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