For tourists who want to walk in the natural surroundings of Cascia It is powered by Mountain Community, from BIM Consortium Nera and Velino, from Tourist Service of the Nera Valley and by the Cooperative type of social “B” L `Meeting the Map “Walking in Valnerina, the pleasure of starting, surprised to discover” available in tourist information offices and Cascia Norcia, from which were extracted the routes that we propose. We recommend the help of a companion to calmly deal with the impervious nature of the soil.

  1. Path of Santa Rita: starting from the center of Cascia, arrival at the home town of Santa, Roccaporena, along the river Corno. The trail is about 8 Km and has a medium difficulty with a drop of 40 meters.
  2. L `Plateau Ocosce: starting from the center of Cascia, The route extends for approximately 5 Km on an Ocosce plateau in a loop trail with an elevation gain of 80 meters
  3. The Temple of Villa San Silvestro: from the square in front of the Church of San Silvestro along a circular route of about 7,5 Km, with a gradient of 70 meters, we return to Villa San Silvestro. The path is quite easy.
  4. The surroundings of Poggiodomo: from Piazza G. Marconi Poggiodomo, along a circular route of about 2,8 Km is easy to follow, with a gradient of 20 meters. It recommends the accompanist for the presence of stairs at the end of the path.
  5. The Hermitage of Our Lady of the Star: departure road 470, that connects with Poggiodomo Borgo Cerreto, from there you reach the junction for Roccatamburo, where you leave the car. We proceed keeping the rock wall on the right and the river on the left, up to the foot of the Hermitage of Our Lady of the Star. The trail is about 4 Km with an elevation gain of 30 meters. The easy walk is spread all along the flat dirt road evident.

Tourist Promotion Valnerina Cascia: Such.0743/ 71401 – Fax:76630 Information Office: 0743/ 71147

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