The territory of Bettona (from 4.392, m 3644) bounded by that of Bastia, Is ad con Assisi and Cannock, south with Deruta and Collazzone, a Ovest con Torgianthe. The hilly part, the most prevalent, consists of the northern foothills of Martani Mountains and has an altitude maximum in about 650 s.l.m. of Mount Field Romito. More prominent on the hill to the north is located at an altitude 353 m. the center. The flat part, at an average altitude of 180 meters, consists of alluvial deposits along the rivers Chiascio and Mouse.

For your journeys in Umbria The ancient Vettona was a lively center of Etruscan and Roman city along the Via Amerina. At the third century A.C. dates the construction of large sandstone walls. In Piazza Cavour are the collegiate Santa Maria Maggiore and, in the square before the collegiate, the `Oratory of St. Andrew; to the left of collegiate there is the Palazzo del Podesta (1371).
Quest`area, once occupied by a branch of the Lacus Umber, was transformed from succesive reclamation, the most important in the second half of the nineteenth century, in a fertile country. Which, at the foot of the hill on which stands the ancient city, from 1950, First, thanks to a strong development of agriculture and later for the start of various craft industries and small industries, has evolved from a primitive group of houses around a crossroads and the populous village of active Passage. The productive activities of an industrial, almost all concentrated in the Step, are predominantly handmade and are active in the building trade, Entries plant, of the mechanical, paper industry and the nursery.
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The Palazzo del Podesta is now the headquarters of Municipal Art Gallery. The museum collection includes a remarkable artistic and archaeological established in the early twentieth century. Both are accessible because the Plazzo was recently renovated. The entrance is at street level with Eiger is an elevator that connects the archaeological section of the gallery; The museum is also equipped with accessible bathroom, and you can parchegiare in Piazza Cavour, location of the building itself.
In Piazza Cavour are accessible, as to plan road, the Church of St. Andrew and Santa Maria Maggiore with works by Perugino, Nicholas School pupil and a fresco by Gerardo Dottori.
In the village of Passage at the end of May there's the International Horse Show, is done completely flat and is easily accessible. For information: For info the city's Municipal Museum of Bettona phone. 075987306

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