Cannock rises to a height of ` 191 s.l.m. to the left of the river and the confluence of Topino it the stream Timia. The city was built in Roman times right after the reclamation of the fertile plain of the river and took its current name for the massive presence of mirrors of water and reeds. Between the thirteenth and fourteenth century was erected the walls and it is interesting circular tower visible today.

The city offers several areas of interest for your holiday affordable: the churches of St. Matthew (XVIII sec.) e San Biagio (XIII sec.) the famous newspaper of Pian d'Arca which legend has it that St. Francis has turned his famous speech to the birds; can not be, of course, omit the Feast of red onion, exquisite typical product of the place.

City of Cannock. Piazza Umberto I, 1, 06033 Cannock (PG) Such. +39 0742 731811 – Fax 0742/731824


The whole town is flat, recently renovated, so simple, even autonomously.

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