Bastia Umbra (21800 from 202 m) It is a small center floor suitable for living for people with disabilities placed in the plain dominated by Monte Subasio and surfed in the landscape is characterized as dynamic and active economic center and seat of Centre Umbria Fiere.

The medieval center was consolidated around the castle and became a fief of Baglioni Perugia. In Piazza Mazzini is interesting is the former Church of the fourteenth century Holy Cross, brick with white stone and pink Subasio; in Church of San Rocco are preserved two paintings by Dono Doni, while near the cemetery is the oldest church building `Romanesque San Paolo.
Every Friday `s is a very big city market, that extends throughout the city center and is flat, so easy even independently. The approximately 162 They also stands are located along the streets and squares of the historic center: Piazza Mazzini, Piazza Cavour, Piazza Togliatti and Via San Michele Arcangelo. Inside there is a parallel small market of products related to the activity consists of about ten agricultural banks.
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The Centre Umbria Fiere consists of a series of buildings which are held in the course of the year several thematic exhibitions. All of the Center is accessible by road and how to plan with toilet accesss. For information: secretariat, such. 075.8004005 –
Palio di San Michele: takes place in September in the main square of Old Town. Accessible to Disabled. For information: – City of Bastia Umbra: such. 075.80181
The Green Route along the river can be done with a guide because of the rugged terrain with roots and pebbles.

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