Cathedral of St. Francis: has a car park with parking spaces accessible to disabled, for access to the church must pass a ramp at the end of which there is a small step. We recommend the tour.
Church of St. Augustine: There is a small step in the square opposite the entrance to the church and the floor is made of cobblestones.
What's Near Amelia the Fossil Forest Dunarobba ( Such. 0744 940348 – Voc Pennicchia 46, Dunarobba) and Documentation Centre even if the paths are accessible at the two sites are `internal part being rough country lanes and public transport services are infrequent. We recommend that the accompanying.
Archaeological Museum is accessible. The cloister having two steps is accessible via a ramp. For contacts: Reservation Required: 800961993 Such. 0744978120.
The Library is accessible thanks to the ramps, Although steep. Such. 0744 978120
The Theater and the stalls are accessible, during the course of the annual season of drama, it also takes a show run by the disabled themselves of the Center of Mount Porchiano.
Source of pictures:Photo Tortoioli


The data on the accessibility of sites and structures are presented in detail in the description of the same.



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