We drive along the new Via Flaminia, or via Giacomo Matteotti, that divides the center of Seal, the way is paved with sidewalks and convenient feature that the small ramp for easy entry and exit in a wheelchair. On Piazza Martyrs where you can park your car in the parking lot of City Hall strip, there is a place dedicated to the loading and unloading, but can be enjoyed by the disabled and bus. The Town Hall is accessible from the side with a ramp, There is an internal lift to access the different floors and a toilet that is wheelchair accessible size. Martyrs Square you can take off St. Anne, a slope of about 100 meters along the side entrance of City Hall, leading to the Church of St. Andrew, which has two steps, or, Giacomo Matteotti main street you can walk along the Hippolytus Borghesi, leading to the Church of St. Augustine, through a climb of about 100 meters. It is recommended that the presence of the companion in the uphill and downhill. Also, Martyrs Square you can walk for about 300 feet flat to the beautiful park of Villa Anita. Since the main entrance to the park presents the steps, you should proceed to the back entrance with ramp. To access the Fossil Museum housed in the Villa Anita, there are three steps.
Nature Trails

Path in the Park of Monte Cucco-Split of Lecce: in 2005 Mountain Community Gubbio and the City Council have created a project to expand and improve infrastructure tourist recreational area located inside the Park of Monte Cucco. About what a path was made accessible to persons with disabilities called "Split of Lecce". The area is located about 8 km from the town of Seal at an altitude of about 500 meters. The path that winds through a wooded area of ​​pastures and has a natural background with a carryover of alluvial gravel compacted, which facilitates the sliding of wheelchairs, also, has a maximum gradient of 4% and is provided with appropriate signs. For more information: Mountain Community of Gubbio such. 075.9230431 or 075.923041.

Path "Viale San Pietro" on Monte Cucco in Val di Ranco: Seal with easily accessible from the paved road that leaves the Flaminia there the trail accessible to disabled people with a guide named St. Peter Avenue. The path traced as the number 1, after a mile in length leads to an impressive lookout and the forest "Mother of Beeches", precisely where lies an ancient beech tree which is thought to be the mother of the forest.
Villa Anita Park: beautiful garden in the center of Seal accessible from the rear with a ramp. Within the garden is the old Anita Villa which houses the Museum of Fossils, but must go through three steps to access places at, for which you must guide.
Pictures of Gubbio granted by the IAT and the City of Seal


Data accessibility is reported in detail in the description of the routes.



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