Although the corporation is important Perugia-changers had the privilege of a place it inside the Palazzo dei Priori between 1452 and 1457. Indoors, Hall of jurists, counters with baroque carved by Giampiero Zuccari (1615-1622) and Hall Entries Audience with precious wooden furniture by Antonio and Domenico del Tasso and Mercatello, above all, frescoes Perugino, walls and pointed vaults, which are arguably the most important legacy of the artist and one of the masterpieces of painting late humanistic; the iconographic theme was developed by the humanist Francesco `Maturanzio and wants to be a wonderful blend of classical rationality and Christian feeling. For a pupil of Perugino, Paul Giannicola, Instead you must frescoes of the Chapel of St. John the Baptist (1513-1528).


Entrance with small step easily overcome. Visiting the museum with narrow doors that can be overcome only by some models of wheelchairs, But you can access all three doors up from the main original. For more detailed information we recommend you call the structure.


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