Located along l`asse between the portal of Cathedral and the Government Building this sculptural celebration of the beauty and the life-giving power dell`acqua, the height of `urban water supply resulting from the Monte Pacciano, is the pivot of the square and visual urban. Designed and built between 1275 and 1278 the opera house sees the equal presence of Nicola Pisano and his son John, although it is difficult to award the `action` s `s one or more. The fountain consists of three tanks, white and pink stone, overlapping, and decreasing diameter concentric. The present is below 25 each bearing a pair of side panels in bas-relief, separated by bundles of three columns, telling stories of the greek-Roman or Christian tradition and depict symbols of knowledge or political power; the superior, to curved, has smooth and mirrors, in the corners between the mirrors, statuettes full-length. At the top, supported by a siphon, the tank with the bronze group of three nymphs carriers of water. The monument conveys a sense of dynamism and swirling the melting point is between the classical sculpture of Nicola and the more tense and nervous by Giovanni Pisano.


Monument exposed outdoors and visible from all sides.



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