Collegiate Church of Santa Maria, the town's main church, accessible through the Sacristy. In the Convent of St. Catherine adjacent to the Collegiate, `the Municipal Historical Archives, one of the most important for the rich documentary heritage of Umbria.

Church and the Municipal Museum of San Francisco, the museum, opened in 1995, features paintings of great value. In the Gothic church that houses, dating from the fourteenth century, have been relocated, partly, original furniture, while the adjoining convent spaces are designed to accommodate all of art history collection. It is wheelchair accessible with assistance.

Accessible Ethnographic Museum "The Talking Drum", adjacent alla Church of St. Francis, serving more than six hundred pieces from East.

Source of pictures: Photo M. Tortoioli


The data are shown on the accessibility of facilities within the same description of; they are still partial and incomplete, however, we recommend you contact the phone number listed.



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