It starts from the parking Ferri who is about 500 meters from the center. Near the car park you can walk in the park Tiber Bend Municipal. To access the center there are two possibilities: escalators or a climb, that needs to guide. At the end of the escalator there is a municipal park of the formwork. Going down the hill but it comes at the Teatro Comunale and Via Mario Angeloni, the end of which is the main square G. Matteotti, home Information Office. Continuing on the right course for you arrive in Piazza Cavour Gabriotti, site of the Cathedral of Saints Florido and Amanzio, the Museum Cathedral and the Town Hall or Palazzo dei Priori, not accessible to all because of three steps. Opposite the museum there you can go left along the path of descent Pendinella, Then go straight on Via San Florido flat as Casceri because of the end of which is the Municipal Gallery, within which there is a lovely garden. To go to the Church of St. Francis should be taken off Bishop Mussi, then continue by Luca Signorelli to the junction with the main Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Turn left to return to Piazza Matteotti. Also from the main turning right and passing through Porta Santa Maria arrives at Swan Park.

Nature Trails

  • Public park of Villa Montesca: to get there is a slight slope, to go with a guide or even on the machine. The complex is located approximately 3 km in a hill with views of the city and is inserted to inside an extensive park with other historic buildings. Inside the park there is the residence "Sacred Heart Villa" which is fully accessible, Furthermore, we also offer activities and nature trails. For information contact the Consortium The Mosaic phone. 075.8522655.
  • Public Gardens: Tiber Bend Park, Swan Park, Gardens of the formwork can be accessed. There are no toilet facilities within the parks.
  • Along the Tiber River that runs along the city, you can make a walk through the green route which starts from Villa Montesca. The recently built course is fairly easy, However, it is recommended that the presence of the companion.

Source of pictures: Photo: M. Tortoioli


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