For those wishing to visit Umbria sources, giving rise to River `and the small lake of the god Clitunno, are among the most famous of the region, mentioned by Roman writers for the wholesomeness of water and the sacredness of the ancient sources. Latin poets such as Virgil and Propertius or, later, Lord Byron and Carducci sang songs praising the color of spring water and rich vegetation. Along the banks of the river a few kilometers from the source is located Temple of Clitunno.
FROM 1 April 2012 – SUMMER HOURS
Opening Hours: pm 14,15 at 19,45

Open every other Sunday
1^ Weeks: Sunday open days – Thursday – Friday – Saturday
2^ Weeks: days of opening Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday


(not accessible), a small shrine of the seventh century in the form of a Corinthian temple. The garden is accessible Clitunno, with a bit of gravel in the initial slope and 6%; is recommended `s guide.

At the entrance there are refreshments available in accordance with toilet.
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