The Center for Contemporary Art, opened in 2009, was made possible thanks to the synergy between the Savings Bank Foundation Foligno, that has placed art and culture among its most important policy areas, the Savings Bank of Foligno, the city of Foligno and the Region of Umbria.
The Center represents the culmination of a widespread and growing attention to the city's contemporary artistic research, started in the sixties with exhibitions, conferences, contacts frequent protagonists of Italian and international collectors and authoritative. On this basis the historical center has collected and updated the cultural demand from the City, aiming to conserve and develop.
The Centre is located in the center of Foligno, Via del Campanile, on the ruins of a building that was the milk and then Central Post Office.
Container energies focused on cultural creativity, it aims to produce two shows a year, and to promote cultural activities, placing itself as a point of coordination of efforts on Contemporary in Umbria. The adjective "Italian" will indicate the place of concentration and diffusion of museum activities, but not to limit the range, lines that develop both national and international attention.
The structure is one of the apse of the church of the medieval. Francis and the buildings on the Liberty Bell, creating, in the historic center, a harmonious meeting between new and old.
The architecture of the Centre was born from an idea by Alviani in collaboration with the architect and Zamatti was established here by the architect-out.
The architectural complex, no windows, consists of a compact rectangular concrete coated steel corten, material that gives the volumes outside the classic rust color.
It is spread over three floors and is illuminated by a central skylight placed on pillars that mark the volume of the interior. The scheme, light and space that allows the characters to be, is characterized by its simplicity and its precision.
The exhibition rooms are arranged on two floors. The terrace will host site-specific works. The ground floor spaces are intended for exhibition and meeting place for cultural events, projections, conferences.
Italian Centre of Contemporary Art
Via del Campanile 13
06034 Foligno (PG)

tel e fax 0742.357035



Persons with disabilities who arrive by car can park in reserved parking space in front of the structure. The main entrance has six steps:; to enter into, people with disabilities may ring a bell placed near the entrance and get him to open the access door of an elevator that has a net light cm 80 cm and a depth of 125. The interior is completely open to; for access to the basement, where is the conference room, you use another truck similar to the one at the entrance. The toilet reserved for people with disabilities is located next to the Ticket.

Accessibility card Italian Contemporary Art Center

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