Ancient village of Etruscan origin, Castel Viscardo (3049 from, 507 m) was officially founded in 1263 of Giuscardo from Pietrasanta, grandson of Papa Urbano IV, and given the location of the survey was for centuries a great lookout point over the whole Paglia Valley. He was first domain of the family Monaldeschi, as a result of a feud with the principles Sword and now the property of Dukes of Montevecchio. It was proclaimed Autonomous Community in 1860, with the advent of the Unification of Italy.

The center is built around the beautiful Castle Lady, fine example of Baroque and monumental, while the Parish of the Annunciation, completed a design by Giuseppe Brusato Arcucci, guards inside an ivory crucifix of the seventeenth century, gift of King Luigi XIV A member of the Spada family.
Known for its brick kilns and pottery, The surrounding area has unearthed a large Etruscan necropolis in the area Caldane; Nearby villages worth a visit Monterubiaglio and Viceno and beautiful area, inserted into the Natural Park of S.T.I.N.A, rich in sulfur springs.
It’ the ideal place for the holidays to all rivote.
We do not have data on accessibility for disabled people of the City.
Castel Viscardo – Public Relations.
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